Beau interviews Lauren Stockwell of Clinical Research Fastrack about her career path, overcoming imposter syndrome, and her approach to content creation in the industry. They discuss the importance of being open to technology and pushing outside of comfort zones in research. They also discuss the need for creative and approachable content in clinical research and the importance of making people feel valued and heard.

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“[The clinical research community] is a huge believer in being on the cutting edge of medicine and being on the cutting edge of healthcare, and when creative people come in with creative ideas, we’re not so quick to jump on them.”

“When people are talking high level and they’re shooting the s**t, remembering and reminiscing on the good old days, it doesn’t always allow space for people who come in and are like, ‘let’s do something different.'”

“I want to share something that is going to connect to somebody on a different level and not just a statistic.”

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