Beau interviews Addison Gumbert about her background in marketing and how she transitioned into clinical research. They discuss the differences in marketing strategies between clinical research and other industries, the importance of education in marketing, and the use of generative AI in marketing materials. Addison also talks about personal branding and the impact it has on both herself and her organization.

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“Clinical research definitely takes more of a human touch and human understanding because people don’t want to come into an organization where they feel like a number, right? They need to feel like they’re heard, like they’re taken care of.”

“[People] probably already have experiences in their life where their treatments are not approachable. So the best way to combat that fear is to make them realize that we’re all people too, use terminology that they understand, and make it super accessible.”

“I’m excited to see where [AI] goes. I think there’s a lot of opportunity and a lot of power that could be had there. I just don’t think that we’re there yet.”

“I think we’re approaching an interesting place where not only is it important for you to have your personal brand within your organization, but with the rise of people in our age group that are posting more and more on LinkedIn, having an external personal brand and speaking to the things that you’re learning [is important too].”

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