Beau talks with CEO & Co-Founder Ethan Bond of SelectIQ on the macroeconomic perspective on clinical research sites as the laborers how to create technology for them.

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“When I think of the future of clinical trials—I don’t think this is going to happen anytime soon, but within the next couple hundred years—you can go to your physician’s office and whatever that physician is qualified for in medicine, they can run any trial that is going on in that field.”

“These two systems actually don’t talk to each other, the healthcare and the research system. So what we were working on with the NIH was exactly that sort of hybridization of, at least in a public health emergency context, can we get clinical healthcare providers comfortable sharing their clinical data such that researchers can understand what’s going on.”

“It turns out sites want to recruit patients. They have these existing provider relationships that they are kind of struggling to really leverage to the highest degree possible.”

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