Beau interviews Darious Davis about his background in nursing and public health and how those skills translated into clinical research. They discuss the importance of championing other’s voices as well as your own.

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“My first role was a business development representative, and [I like] going to conferences, talking to people, all the good things that were happening at Meridian and how we were impacting patients’ lives. [Meridian] has so many sites, and I thought of it as a machine. It turned like a wheel and it still does.”

“To be quite frank with you, in high school, if you would’ve talked to me about clinical research, I wouldn’t have known what you were talking about.”

“I think we have some phenomenal people [in clinical research] and some change makers and some difference makers. And everyone has something different to bring to the table.”

“There are all these different facets that need to make this industry move and different experiences from other industries help move this industry forward.”

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