Beau talks with Chinonso Ahanonu on the importance of the patient-first perspective in clinical trials, workforce diversity, and the true meaning of equity. She emphasizes the need for empathy and patient-centered approaches in clinical research, highlighting the importance of clear communication and understanding for participants. Ahanonu also addresses the role of Gen Z in bringing more empathy to clinical research and the need for diversity in all aspects, including age and experience.

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“I think sometimes people forget that we’re all patients, right? Whether or not you are dealing with something right now, at some point in your life, when you were born, you were a patient. You have been sick before, you are a patient. You will probably go to a doctor at some point in the future.”

“This patient-first perspective is seen at all levels of clinical trials, but I often think it’s overused. I see so many tech vendors claiming patient centricity, and they don’t make anything for clinic, for participants, or for patients.”

“I would say we, Gen Z, we’re change disruptors. We’re very bold, we’re very audacious. We’re willing to be that one that is not part of the crowd.”

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