Harnessing Workflow Data: The Future of Study Optimization

In the age of data-driven innovation, emerging workflow data holds the key to revolutionizing clinical research. Dive into this session to uncover the transformative potential of these new data sources:

  • Informed Decision Making: Explore how sites and sponsors can tap into workflow data to make strategic decisions that align with research objectives.
  • Trial Design Evolution: Discover how data insights can guide refinements in trial design, ensuring more efficient and effective studies.
  • Optimal Site Selection: Learn how to leverage data analytics to identify and select the best sites, maximizing trial success and participant engagement.

Join us as we navigate the data frontier, equipping you with the insights and strategies to optimize your studies and stay at the forefront of clinical research innovation.

Dr. Andrea Bastek – VP of Innovations, Florence
Dr. Brad Hirsch – Head of Product and Implementation, Verily
Heather Manley – Site Director, Clinvest Research
Mike Wenger – VP of Solutions, Florence
Joe Lengfellner – Sr. Director, Clinical Research Informatics, Memorial Sloan Kettering