Leveraging Strategic Alliances for Clinical Research Advancement

As we navigate the post-2020 landscape of Clinical Research, the value of forging strong, strategic alliances has never been clearer. In this session, we’ll explore the intricacies of such collaborations:

  • Relationship Foundations: Understand the essentials of cultivating meaningful relationships with sites, ensuring mutual growth and understanding.
  • Sponsors & CRO Synergy: Dive into the dynamics of collaborating with sponsors and CROs, maximizing the potential of combined expertise.
  • Partnering for Progress: Learn the art of aligning with partners, ensuring shared visions and complementary strengths.
  • Vendor Collaborations: Discover strategies to work seamlessly with vendors, ensuring that tools and services are tailored to research needs.

Join us as we unravel the tapestry of strategic alliances, showcasing how multifaceted collaborations can be the catalysts propelling Clinical Research to new heights.

Kristin Surdam – Sr. Director, KOL and Strategy, Florence
Dr. Lovie Negrin – CEO, Randomize Now Research Centers
Melynda Geurts – Sr. VP, TOTAL Diversity Clinical Trial Management
Lilith Mist – Executive Clinical Research Director, Merck