Activating the Community: Engaging New Sites in Research

The key to broadening the scope of clinical trials lies in tapping into community resources. In this session, we’ll delve into the potential of community engagement:

  • Collaborative Outreach: Discover strategies for sites and sponsors to partner with community clinics and pharmacies, creating a wider network for research.
  • Broadening Access: Understand how these collaborations can open doors to a more diverse patient pool, ensuring inclusivity in trials.
  • Fostering Participation: Learn techniques to motivate and encourage community members to actively participate in clinical trials, enhancing the richness of research data.

Join us as we explore the untapped potential of community engagement in clinical research, paving the way for more comprehensive and representative trials.

Adam Samson – Head of Clinical Delivery Operations, Clinical Trials, Walgreens
Carlos Orantes – CEO, Alcanza Clinical Research
Dr. Nancy Sacco – VP, Head of Clinical and Site Dev Ops, SiteBridge Research
Zoe Felicie – Sr. Patient Diversity Specialist, PPD
Kristin Surdam – Sr. Director, KOL and Strategy, Florence