Attracting, Building, and Certifying a Strong Clinical Research Program and Workforce

The strength of a clinical research team lies in its collective knowledge and collaborative spirit. This session delves into the heart of building a robust research workforce:

  • Foundation of Collaboration: Understand the pivotal role of training and education in nurturing a cohesive and collaborative research environment.
  • Skill Evolution: Discover strategies to design programs that not only impart essential knowledge but also foster continuous skill enhancement.
  • Knowledge Exchange: Learn how to create platforms that encourage knowledge sharing, ensuring that teams remain updated and aligned.
  • Building Future Leaders: Examine the importance of holistic training in shaping the next generation of clinical research leaders, equipped with both expertise and collaborative acumen.

Join us on this journey of empowerment, where training and education emerge as the twin pillars supporting the edifice of a strong and collaborative clinical research workforce.

Susan Landis – Executive Director, ACRP
Lauren Stockwell – Director of Outreach and Engagement, Clinical Research Fastrack
Amy Overby – Senior Director, Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University
Lauren Gledhill – Director, Clinical Trial Partnerships, GCSA