Whitepaper: Redefining Feasibility

Redefining Feasibility in Clinical Trials

Explore the critical dimensions of clinical trial feasibility in our whitepaper, which provides a detailed examination of the challenges and inefficiencies in current site selection processes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Detailed Stages of Feasibility: An in-depth look at the stages of feasibility—Program, Study/Protocol, and Site—and their importance in clinical trials.
  • Current Industry Challenges: Identification of key issues such as early initiation of site feasibility, premature engagement by CROs, and the need for timely communication.
  • Actionable Recommendations: A concise guide to best practices for improving site feasibility, informed by industry experts from various sectors.

Insights from Industry Leaders

This document is the result of a collaborative effort by senior executives from clinical sites, sponsors, and CROs, aiming to enhance the future of clinical trials through technology and improved stakeholder collaboration.

Access the Full Whitepaper

For a comprehensive understanding of these issues and to access our recommendations for industry-wide improvements, download the full whitepaper.