Thursday, May 30, 2024

Checklist for Increasing Patient Diversity and Access to Clinical Trials

Embark on a journey towards equitable healthcare access with our comprehensive Checklist for Increasing Patient Diversity and Access to Clinical Trials guide. Developed by experts at the forefront of clinical research in the Site Enablement League, this indispensable resource is designed to empower stakeholders–including Sponsors, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and Research Sites–in their mission to enhance diversity and inclusivity within clinical trials.

Inside, you’ll find practical, actionable steps to prioritize the enrollment of diverse patient populations, ensuring that historically marginalized and underrepresented communities have equal access to cutting-edge therapies. From strategic planning to implementation, each item on the checklist is meticulously curated to guide stakeholders through the process of embracing diversity in clinical research.

By adhering to the recommendations outlined in this guide, stakeholders can broaden patient representation, foster the generation of robust, generalizable data, and ultimately contribute to a more equitable landscape of medical research and healthcare delivery. Join us in championing diversity and inclusivity in clinical trials–because everyone deserves access to life-saving treatments.

[Download the Guide]

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