Friday, June 21, 2024

Developing the Clinical Trial Tech Categories

Creating the Category Map:

Our team embarked on a comprehensive search to map out the eClinical vendor landscape. We meticulously examined the product offerings of various vendors in this space, aiming to provide an unbiased overview of what each vendor brings to the table. The products were cataloged based on the information available on each vendor’s website, with minimal interpretation, except in cases where the marketing materials were not clear-cut.

Challenges of Objective Reporting:

Subjectivity in Marketing: We recognize that relying solely on vendor marketing materials for information has its limitations, as these are inherently subjective.

Ambiguity in the eClinical Market: The eClinical market is still evolving, leading to some uncertainty in product categorization and the specific functionalities required for each category.

Internal Review for Unclear Categories: For products with ambiguous categorization, our team conducted a thorough internal review of the marketing materials to make an informed and as objective as possible decision on their categorization.

Vendor Logo Organization:

We collected vendor logos from their public websites, placing them into relevant categories. Vendors offering products in multiple categories have their logos displayed in each applicable category.

Purpose and Insights from the Vendor Map:

  • Illuminating the Complex Vendor Landscape: The primary aim is to shed light on the intricate and varied vendor landscape in the eClinical industry.
  • Analytical Opportunities: This map opens avenues for various analyses, such as examining the number of vendors in each category.
  • Observations on Market Maturity: Despite the maturity in certain product categories like Electronic Data Capture (EDC), a significant number of vendors remain, indicating limited consolidation even in well-established areas.
  • Future Market Trends: Given that most product categories are still developing, we anticipate growth and expansion of vendors.

Contributing to the Vendor Map:

We invite contributions to this evolving vendor map. Use this form to add, update, or remove a product or vendor, actively participating in shaping the understanding of the eClinical vendor landscape.

"As an industry, we often have a difficult time communicating where we can find innovation, I think mainly due to the complexity, overlap, and variable maturity of products out there. We set out to categorize this diversity, creating a unified language to propel the industry forward as one."

Beau Bruneau

Sr. Innovations Business Analyst, Florence