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Innovation Summit – Navigating the Tech Vendor Landscape

Get ready for a knowledge-packed webinar, where we'll dive deep into the complexities of clinical trial technology. The Florence Innovations team has meticulously crafted...

Joel White on Wait, but Why?

Join host Keith Wright in a discussion with Joel White, Founder of Marketcap Consulting, on "Wait, but Why." This episode tackles the economics of...

Zoé Felicié on Wait, but Why?

In this "Wait, but Why" series episode, Keith Wright interviews Zoé Felicié, Sr. Patient Diversity Specialist at PPD, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific. They...

Navigating the Capacity Gap: Challenges for Clinical Research Sites and Sponsors in the US and Europe

Explore our guide for key insights into the challenges faced by clinical research sites and sponsors/CROs in the US and Europe. Backed by exclusive...

Kristin Surdam Return to Wait, but Why?

In this “Wait, But Why?” episode, we dive into the operational and strategic challenges faced by smaller, independent research sites and Academic Medical Centers...

Best Practice Guide for Feasibility

Streamline Your Site Feasibility with Our Expert Checklist Our comprehensive guide is your key to unlocking a more efficient, effective, and streamlined feasibility process for...

Susan Straka on Wait, but Why?

In this insightful episode of the "Wait, but Why" series, Keith Wright engages with Susan Straka, Research Project Associate at Cedar Sinai Medical Center....

Mapillar Dahn on Wait, but Why?

In this compelling episode of the "Wait, but Why" series, Keith Wright sits down with Mapillar Dahn, Founder and CEO of MTS Sickle Cell...

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