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Layman Darious Davis

Beau interviews Darious Davis about his background in nursing and public health and how those skills translated into clinical research. They discuss the importance...

Laywoman Addison Gumbert

Beau interviews Addison Gumbert about her background in marketing and how she transitioned into clinical research. They discuss the differences in marketing strategies between...

Laywoman Lauren Stockwell

Beau interviews Lauren Stockwell of Clinical Research Fastrack about her career path, overcoming imposter syndrome, and her approach to content creation in the industry....

Layman Mitch Hilbe

Beau interviews Mitch Hilbe, the co-founder and CEO of DiversiTrials, a site management organization focused on diversity in clinical trials. They discuss Mitch's career...

Layman Tom Paresi

Beau interviews Tom Paresi about his career path and his experience in building technology for clinical research. They discuss the importance of balancing building...

Lauren Stockwell on Wait, but Why?

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Lauren Stockwell, Director of Outreach and Engagement at Clinical Research Fast Track, as she shares invaluable insights...

Jess Thompson on Wait, but Why?

Watch this insightful interview with Jess Thompson, a seasoned expert from the Clinical Research Project Management Association. Jess delves into the concept of treating...

Jackie Kent on Wait, but Why?

In this “Wait, but Why?” episode, we go in-depth on the taxation of clinical patients with expert Jackie Kent, Board Director at Datacubed Health....

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